Implementation of the project “Digitization of the Cultural Heritage Content (2nd Stage)” launched


For the next three years, the National Library of Latvia will be implementing a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and nationally co-funded project in the field of Latvia’s digital cultural heritage, together with project partners – the National Archives of Latvia, the State Inspection for Heritage Protection of Latvia, and the Cultural Information System Centre.

The project continues the project " Digitization of the Cultural Heritage Content (1st Stage)" ongoing activities and main objective of the project is to ensure the wide availability of Latvian cultural heritage to society in the digital environment, which serves as a basis for strengthening national identity, developing the cultural, scientific, knowledge society and creative industries, and ensuring the long-term preservation of national cultural heritage in digital form, creating opportunities for its repeated use in new products and services, as well as its integration into a unified European and global cultural digital space.

By the end of 2022 the project will digitize 976 000 pages of text, 150 000 images and descriptions of various and valuable cultural artefacts, including maps, photographs, surveys of cultural monuments and descriptions of objects, 350 000 minutes of audio, and video footage, 660 minutes of cinema footage, 50 000 museum objects, as well as 30 objects of 3D digitalization of cultural monuments, records of 50 cultural events and 15 units of intangible cultural heritage.

Simultaneously with the digitization process, the project will further develop the Unite Digital Object Management and Conservation System, develop Unite Content Distribution System, develop the 2nd Stage of the Copyright Management and Content Licensing System, develop the 2nd Stage of the Cultural Monuments Information Management System “Heritage”, publish several Open Datasets, including Related Open Datasets, and develop the 1st Stage of an Integrated Centralized Open System Information Platform.

The project implementation costs are EUR 3 900 000, of which EUR 3 315 000 (85%) is ERDF funding and EUR 585 000 (15%) is national co-funding. At least 50% of the project’s eligible costs are for the digitization of cultural-heritage content.

Duration of the project – 36 months (16.09.2019 - 15.09.2022).

Alphabet of Latvian Culture


With an exhibition “Alphabet of Latvian Culture” at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris Latvia is celebrating 100th anniversary of Latvian National Institutions for Culture, Education and Science On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Latvian National Institutions for Culture, Education and Science included among the anniversaries to be associated with UNESCO in 2018-2019 the audio visual installation “Alphabet of Latvian Culture” is opened at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France. The Anniversary unites 7 institutions, namely: National Theatre of Latvia; Art Academy of Latvia; Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music; Latvian National Library; National Archives of Latvia; University of Latvia; Latvian National Opera and Ballet to celebrate the important intellectual contribution the institutions have invested in the formation of Latvian cultural identity and its continuous enrichment over the years. Minister for Culture Nauris Puntulis highlighted that, “Latvia was founded as a state based on the national culture – not only the idea of an independent European state was nurtured and realised but also its most important institutions were founded during the heat of the tremendous events of the First World War. And these are the cultural, educational and scientific institutions – the colleges and arts institutions. This was and still is a signal to the international community about our core values, the role of which will only strengthen over time.” “The foundation-stone of the language of Latvian culture is the action of national institutions which promote culture, education and sciences. The foundation of any language is alphabet, it is explained through a textbook called ABC which will be the central theme of the exhibition “Alphabet of Latvian Culture”. Each letter in Latvian alphabet is introduced through an ABC entry on processes within the anniversary institutions or through a story about a person related to the institutions concerned,” points out author of exhibition idea artist Krista Burāne. The Exhibition includes 7 stands introducing all anniversary institutions, as well as a textbook “The ABC of Latvian Culture” which is written by Krista Burāne and Laila Burāne. The textbook is illustrated by Reinis Gailītis. Design of exhibition is developed by Rūdolfs Baltiņš, director of photography is Dainis Juraga and sound engineer is Artis Dukaļskis. The Exhibition is created as a part of the Latvian Centenary programme, it is organized by the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia in close cooperation with the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Latvia to UNESCO, as well as 7 national institutions for culture, education and science. Exhibition is opened for visitors from 21st of October till the 25th of October, 2019 at Hall Segur in UNESCO Headquarters, 7, Place de Fontenoy, Paris, France. Prepared by Kitija Balcare, Communication Consultant for Latvian National Commission for UNESCO Mobile: (+371) 29683396 | E-mail:

International Scientific Readings


The National Archives of Latvia invite you to visit he International Scientific Readings of the Latvian State Historical Archives “Treasures of Documentary Heritage at Latvian Archives”(The Latvian War museum, Smilsu Street 20, Riga)

As part of the Readings:

24th September – Opening of Dr. hist. Aleksandrs Ivanovs’ monograph “Archaeography of Latvia” and accompanying exhibition with authors lecture

25th September – Opening of the new edition of the Scientific Readings of the Latvian State Historical Archives “Celebrations and Their Celebrating in Archive Documents”

Please confirm your presence until 19th September


phone: 20377661


Reading programme

The National Archives of Latvia celebrating


The National Archives of Latvia is celebrating its centenary. It was founded simultaneously with the independence of Latvia, acted in a country booming during the 1920s and 1930s, survived the Soviet and German occupation, awaited the restoration of independence and entered the family of European Archives. Long live the National Archives of Latvia!


Jānim Čakstem – 160


Honouring and recalling the distinguished statesman of Latvia, the President of the People's Council, the Chairman of the Constitutional Meeting and the first President of Latvia, Jānis Čakste (1859-1927), in assessing his contribution to the development of Latvia. The Latvian National Archives of Latvia State Archive of Audiovisual Materials offers some photographs of the prominent politician during the 160-year anniversary of Jānis Čakste.


For a wider range of films and photos, please visit the archive website



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