Enquiry services

The enquiry service of the National Archives of Latvia helps citizens, authorities and others to obtain archive statements or copies of documents that are preserved by the Archives for official purposes and for other purposes.


How to order

You can order archive statements or copies of documents from your home computer using online service (in Latvian).

Requests can be also submitted:

The applicant’s name, family name, personal code and/or date of birth, postal address, contact phone, e-mail must be indicated in the request.


Main topics of enquiries are:

The query can be answered if documents of  personnel of the certain institution or enterprise have been given to the Archives; 


Statements are only prepared for requests specified in detail, i.e., the customer should be able to provide sufficient initial information when placing a request.


Delivery time

Time of preparation of the archive statement is one month.

A state fee payment notice or archival service invoice will be sent to you after complete of your enquiry. You will receive the statement in few days after receipt of payment.


Prices of archive statements

Archive statements prepared for official purposes are subject of state fees according to the Regulations Regarding the State Fee for the Preparation and Issue of the Social Legal Statement of the National Archives of Latvia. The price of statement is based on the number of facts, mentioned in the statement.


The price of the archival statement done for personal reasons is regulated in the price list of the National Archives. The price of statement is based on the number of documents and archives used.